Grammar for Grown Folks TFEBT #3 (My tweet)

Recently I tweeted a link to the article “Grammar for Grown Folks: Understanding Their There They’re” is about exactly that. I would have to say that I am slowly but surely turning into a Grammar Nazi. I tend to see simple grammar mistakes all over social media sites by people I know, as well as people I don’t know. Common mistakes, like using the wrong form of their/there/they’re, then/than, and your/you’re are SO easy to learn and newsflash- you look silly when you use the wrong one! Get with it people.

Here is a link for a quick lesson:

Currently I am a substitute teacher, and I prefer to do it in younger grades, typically kindergarten through fifth grade. Not too long ago I was substituting in a second grade classroom and they were doing a worksheet that consisted of the right forms of the words listed above. Now what’s funny about that is that I witnessed second graders using the forms correctly, and people my age don’t know how! Its pathetic if you ask me.

Now, I wasn’t always a Grammar Nazi. I’m sure I made stupid grammatical mistakes in my past (probably a lot in high school because I was lazy and just did not care), but I have since changed my ways. If you use a comma, colon, semicolon, or any mark wrong I will be the first to let you know. I wasn’t always this way, but my first semester at Rowan University I took a course called “American English Grammar,” and that totally shaped me into a grammar FREAK. It was hard, and I spent endless hours on the homework and diagramming sentences. Towards the end of the semester my diagrams were almost a full page. I didn’t know you could break up a sentence so much, but that class taught me it is possible.

So, after reading this article, it teaches you the correct ways to use their/there/they’re. I wish I knew why it was so complicated to some people because the concept is pretty easy. Pay attention and take your time, and your grammar will not suffer. GRAMMAR SAVES LIVES.


Link to the article:


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